An orphan from West Oakland, found abandoned outside a camp.


When I first read about Rocky the two day old rescue, I immediately wondered if he was young enough to be accepted by a surrogate cat mom who was weaning four 8 week olds, and reached out to offer to give it a try. My thoughts were that this cat needed more than a bottle, he needed some other cats.
It is beyond warmth. Heartbeats create magnetic fields that are detectable, and naturally sync. Purring is healing. Cat saliva has antibacterial enzymes.

While there has been no hostility, or aggression, at times the older kitties higher energy state play can be a bit dangerous for a 10 day old, so Rocky shelters in a sealed travel backpack, wrapped in three layers of wool when not supervised.


Mom cat health scare. Someone may have either a pumpkin allergy, or just a variety allergy. Back to canned salmon, and things seem fine. But from about 2:30 am till 10:30 am, I was about to take emergency medical action.


Two eyes open makes feeding easier.


And on the 7th day, he opened his left eye after a trip outside.


Delivered to a cat mom weaning her four 8 week old kitties.


Born, and abandoned.